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Efficient, precise and affordable deburring tool for robots
  • Patented design
  • Automatic sanding paper changer
  • Optimal hole sizes for deburring starting from 17 mm
  • Even 10 mm holes can be deburred with a special tool
  • Sanding paper pieces between 10-180 mm in lenght can be used
  • Plug and play-installation to your existing robot system
  • Can be used with for example ABB, Fanuc, Yaskava, KUKA and any other six-axis robots.
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Why should you buy it?


  • Effectively removes burrs from cast-iron pieces making finishing better
  • Removes sharp edges from your products, making the assembly easier and adds value to your products
  • Different sanding papers can be used to control the finish


  • Multifaceted holes and crossing holes are deburred from both sides
  • Flexible sanding paper also helps to provide more efficient use of the deburring movement.


  • Easy programming as there is no need to make complex robot tracks with circular motions.
  • Simple back-and forth movement will do the deburring in a couple of seconds.


  • Standard 50m sanding paper rolls can be used
  • Low operating costs with efficient material usage, back-and-forth movement utilizes the entire sanding paper
  • Automatic sanding paper changer saves time and effort
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