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Reliable co-operation since 1979.

We have been using FlapFeeder deburring machines for over 15 years and all of the machines are still working well.
Deburring of crankshaft tunnels and cylinder group pipes is done with precision and ease.

AGCO Power

FlapFeeder deburring machines have been a vital part of our manufacturing processes for over 10 years now. We have customized versions of the machine that fit seamlessly into our robotic systems. Deburring is made simply and effectively with the FlapFeeder.


Wärtsilä has been successfully using FlapFeeder for deburring for several years. It is one of the most important deburring tools for us and it's flexibility in deburring crossing holes and other shapes makes it an important part of our finishing processes. We are also incorporating FlapFeeders in our new facility in Vaasa.


As an important part of our production, it is suitable for multifaceted holes and different shapes. The length of the sanding paper can be defined according to the specific need so it replaces several other tools.
It also requires little maintenance as the paper is automatically changed.

Sandvik Mining and Construction

Pulmek has been a reliable partner for AQ Trafotek for over 30 years. Innovative laminated plate cutting machines manufactured and designed by Pulmek are an important part of our production lines in our factories in Brazil, Estonia and Finland.

AQ Trafotek